It is most challenging to get rid of bed bugs. It takes a lot of determination, and a very effective product to wipe them away. Though the process is time-consuming and needs continuous effort, it is essential to finish off those tiny biting pests. If not controlled in time, these parasitic pests can spread all over your place and cause a lot of damage. They lay eggs, and also bite you while you are asleep. So what is the solution for getting rid of them? The answer is Harris bed bug killer spray. Let us see how this spray works and what its features are.



  • Safe around pets and children
  • Stainless spray
  • Extended trigger spray
  • EPA registered
  • Odorless


  • Bulky container
  • Bugs may become resistant to the spray

Key Features Of Harris Bed Bug Spray

Harris bed bug killer spray is an effective spray that attacks bed bugs with its natural ingredients, thus making it safe for you to use in the house. It is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, as it contains non-toxic ingredients that do not cause harm to the environment and humans.

  • Contact Killing- It can kill the bugs suddenly when sprayed directly on them. Thus, you can quickly kill the bed bugs that you spot around on the linen or your mattress.

  • Liquid Spray- The Harris bed bug spray is a liquid killer. Hence, you can directly spray it onto the infected areas. The nozzle on the container makes it easy to apply the spray.

  • Long-Lasting Residual Effects- The highlight of this effective bed bug spray is the residual effect. Once you have sprayed the liquid, the product will have its impact for the next 7-10 days. Thus, you can spray the Harris bed bug killer and keep bugs away for an extended number of days.

  • Multi-Surface- Bed bugs can infest all over the house. They can infest the furniture, bed, and floors too. But with Harris bed bug spray, you can get rid of bugs from all the places. You can use it on multiple surfaces to combat the pests effectively.

  • Scented- The traditional bed bug sprays leave behind a chemical odor, which can cause a lot of discomforts. But the Harris killer spray comes with a scented cedar smell which is pleasant and does leave behind a foul odor. The cedar smell will not deter you from using it.

  • Suitable For Outdoor And Indoor Use- You can use this spray to treat bugs not only inside the house but outside too. If you find bed bugs infesting the outdoor area, you can apply the spray outdoors as well.



The Harris bed bug spray is the most natural and effective remedy to get rid of bed bugs from your house. Well, that’s not all; the insecticide can also tackle lice and cockroaches. Say goodbye to pests with the Harris spray.