Bed bug infestation tales have been on a steep rise since a long time. Be it home, offices, or retail stores, you can find them in all the places. It is crucial to stop them in the early stage as they can do great damage. While there are several ways to get rid of bed bugs, not each one is beneficial. But the Hot Shot bed bug and flea killer spray is an effective, do-it-yourself solution that will help you to get rid of bed bugs, fleas, and other insect pests too.

Let us take you through its features, pros, and cons in this article. It will give you a thorough idea of how this product works.



  • Kills several pests
  • No odor, no-stain formula
  • Lasts up to 2 weeks
  • Easy application
  • Ready to use


  • Not suitable for use around pets and people
  • Not applicable outdoors

Key Features Of Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray

No matter where the bed bugs dwell in your house, the Hot Shot bed bug killer spray is here. This spray works wonderfully well with bed bugs and helps to eradicate them effectively.

  • Contact Killing- The Hot Shot spray starts working by coming in contact with the bed bugs. For using this chemical, you need to spray the affected areas until damp. But remember not to saturate.

  • Do-It-Yourself Solution- You do not have to spend a massive amount of money for getting rid of bed bugs from your house. This Hot Shot bud bug spray is easy to use. You can use it all by yourself and control the infestation in your house.

  • Treat Bed Bugs And More- Well, this spray tackles more than bed bugs. Yes, you read it right! With this Hot Shot spray, you can get rid of bed bugs, their eggs, adult and pre-adult (larvae), fleas, and dust mites too. Thus, you can kick out several pests with a single spray.

  • Water-Based Formula- This bed bug and flea spray is made with a water-based formula. Thus you can use it without staining your house. The best part is that it has no odor. You can apply it and not even realize that you have sprayed an insecticide.

  • Suited For Indoor Use- You can use this bed bug killer spray indoors to treat many different areas. This includes vent holes, mattresses, seams, holes, bed boxes, box spring, etc.



The Hot Shot bed bug spray is thus an effective way to get rid of the bed bugs. It is an excellent spot treatment for bed bugs, fleas, and dust mites. Pesticides can prove to be harmful in many ways. But with the Hot Shot bed bug killer spray, you don’t have to worry about the ill-effects. Just be ready to kick away the unwanted bugs, and fleas.