What can be worse than spotting bed bugs in your house? They can give you sleepless nights and cause havoc by their presence. It is difficult to spot these pests and even more challenging to get rid of them completely.

If you have been battling with them without any success, let us give you some relief. We’ve got a very effective treatment for the creepy little pests. The Steri-Fab bed bug spray is a product that can put an end to your struggle.

1 Gallon Steri-fab Bed Bug Control Plus Bactericide Sanitizer Fungicide Mildewcide Etc.

Steri-Fab Bed Bug Spray Review

The Steri-Fab bed bug spray is a combination of synthetic pyrethroid, isopropyl alcohol, and a dual quat. It is a bactericide, sanitizer, fungicide that is effective against several pests. It is a disinfectant that can be safely used on non-porous surfaces too.

This bed bug spray is packed with amazing features that make it a widely used product. It is a very effective disinfectant and insecticide that can help you to deal with bed bugs, lice, dust mites, and a host of other insects.


  • Ready-mix
  • No odor
  • More than just a bug killer
  • Water-based formula
  • Effective on several surfaces
  • 11-way protection against insects, fungus, germs, and odor


  • Not effective after drying up

Key Features Of Steri-Fab Bed Bug Spray

  • Easy To Use- This effective bed bug spray is a breeze to use. It does not need any dilution or preparation. All you have to do is spray it on the required area, and you’re all done. There are no hassles for preparing the spray of any sort.

  • Kills On Contact- With the help of a combination of synthetic pyrethroid and isopropyl alcohol, this spray kills the bed bugs and other insects on contact. Insects are sure to die on coming in touch with the Steri-Fab spray.

  • Suitable For Various Surfaces- The use of Steri-Fab spray is not limited to any one particular place. You can use it in all the places where bed bugs may be dwelling. It is safe for you to spray it on mattresses, bedding, furniture, carpets, vehicles, and many other places.

  • More Than An Insecticide- Apart from targeting pests, the Steri-Fab bed bug treatment spray is also useful in killing viruses, insects, mold, and mildew. It also provides deodorization at the time of restoration of smoke and sewage cleanup.

  • No Residue- Once applied on any surface, this spray takes only 15-20 minutes to dry up completely. After that, you will not find any residue of the spray. And thus, no after cleaning is required.

  • Non-Staining- The best feature of this useful product is that it does not leave behind any stain. Whether you spray it on your furniture or mattress, carpet or box spring, the spray will dry up and leave behind a non-stained surface.



Thus, the Steri-Fab is one of its kinds of spray that deals with several pests like bed bugs, eggs, lice, ticks, roaches, fungus, mold, etc. This spray has gained immense popularity because it evaporates within minutes, and you don’t have to worry about any residue.