In this article, we will help you to prevent bed bugs from entering your home in simple yet powerful ways.

Everyone wants their home sparkly clean. However, with daily chores and work life, clean home maintenance is difficult and time-consuming.

Bed bugs signs and symptoms and where do bed bugs come from

Sometimes, you let yourself go easy on your cleaning schedule and relax a bit. During this relaxation, you ignore most of the things and never worry about what risks it might bring you and your home!

Bed bugs are one of those who can enter your home when you do not pay attention to what’s coming in and going out of your house.

These pesky little bugs can cause so much trouble if gone unnoticed and will need so many methods to get rid of them.

Bed bugs choose narrow, small and hard to reach areas to breed. Even if you are doing regular cleaning, you might have ignored the places where your hands and eye cannot reach. Bed bugs love these areas the most.

Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs

tips to prevent bed bug infestation
  • Always check your baggage when you are back home after a vacation. The hotel beds are high with infestation and lack of maintenance, making it easy for a bug to reach your baggage.
  • In your home, check all the nook and corner for an infestation. If you come across any strange bugs at home, it is time for an inspection. Switch sockets, cushion joints, Wooden furniture, Bed linings, under the bed and cot, etc. a routine cleaning schedule will help you to prevent infestations.
  • Professional service twice a year helps you, if you have found an infestation or if you want to prevent infestations. They have the right equipment, chemicals, and organic repellents suitable for each home.
  • Clean your floors and carpets. Carpets and wooden floors are one of the happiest homes to bed bugs. We highly recommend vacuuming your floors regularly to avoid any infestations.
  • Check your pets, bed bugs can easily survive on pet beds and crates. It is necessary for you to clean all the pets belonging places efficiently, to keep bedbugs away.
  • Do not be a hoarder. Cleaning all your clutter will reduce your home attracting any bug infestation.
  • Always check handed over things. Your friends and family pass on a few used items. Be careful and have a thorough check done on all the items you receive for any infestation. 
  • Avoid using the blankets from moving company. The bugs on those blankets will be pretty happy to find a new place to dwell just like you!! It is better to arrange a temporary kit for yourself to spend the night.
  • Seal all the gaps in your floors and walls. Any small area is sufficient for these bed bugs to settle and breed. Fill up every hole and loopholes to make sure there is no hideout left for bugs.
  • Check for bugs once you are back home from any public places. Any place like a changing room, a lounge, etc. can help bedbugs to travel through your clothes, bags, and shoes.
  • Laundry shops carry a vast number of bugs. Avoid using and placing your clothes on the countertops and check each cloth you bring back home from there.
  • Clean your mattress regularly. Look for any signs of bugs and tiny blood marking and unexplained excreta from the bugs.
  • Consider having a heat treatment to your mattresses, cushions, and couches once in a while to get away from bed bug infestations.
  • Get to know how bed bugs look like and how to identify them. It will help you to a great extent to avoid an infestation.
  • Know how to identify bed bug bites on human skins. It will help you when you are away from home and recheck all your items before coming back.
  • Use bed bug detectors. These systems will identify any bug movement in the night and alarm you about the infestation.
  • Keep your house smelling divine along with repelling bed bugs. Essential oils mixed with water when sprayed on your belongings and travel accessories keeps the bugs away.
  • Seal the door gap with sweep offs. It will prevent bed bugs coming from outside.
  • Always inspect fabrics you purchase. The bugs can enter from shops as well.
  • Check the pet’s body every time he is back home from outside. Just like you, bed bugs can suck your pet’s blood too. Make sure your furry friend is free from infestations.


tips to stop bed bugs from entering home

With this comprehensive list of methods to prevent bed bugs, you will never face the bug issue. Just follow every step rightly.

It is all about that one minute when we get relaxed, which leads to infestations. Having known the different sources in which a bug can enter, you can prevent any bedbug from entering your home.