Have you been looking for effective ways to kill bed bugs naturally? Using chemicals on beds and couches cannot be the only way right. Also, some of us cannot afford to let go off the present things and buy a new one.

If a chemical can kill a bug, then it is poison for us humans too. You cannot negate the side effects of them. There are lots of natural and chemical-free way to get rid of these little bed bugs who suck our blood!

How to get rid of bed bugs naturally

In this article, you will know various methods that can be used to kill bed bugs naturally.

Keep Your Home And Items Clean

keep your home and items clean to get rid of bed bugs

Yes, you read that right.. Having a clean home will help you to have a pest-free home. Remove all the excess items which are unused or the ones you are hoarding for a very long time. Bed bugs love to breed in smaller spaces that are not accessible to us humans easily.

Any wooden junk, a pile of old rags or clothes, unused mattresses, electronic waste, etc. are the favorite places of bed bugs. Also, hoarding unnecessary items is not a good sign of a clean home.

Keep Your Bed And Sheets Clean

keep your bed and sheet clean to get rid of bed bugs

It is ideal to change your sheets every 3 to 4 days once. While replacing it is recommended to vacuum your bed earlier and then put on the sheets. It is advisable to check the entire bed including those wooden frames once in 15 days, to make sure there is no infestation.

Wash all the sheets using antiseptic liquid and in high heat setting, as these bugs cannot withstand heat and antiseptic liquids.

Keep An Eye On Your Wooden Furniture

keep an eye on your wooden furniture to get rid of bed bugs

Apart from linen, wood is the next preferred surface for bed bugs to breed. It is necessary that we clean them often and maintain yearly pest control schedules.

It is the small joints and creeks of this wooden furniture the bugs prefer and many times it will get unnoticed to the naked eye. Having a regular cleaning schedule reduces the risk of infestation.

Using Essential Oils And Vinegar

using essential oils and vinegar to get rid of bed bugs

Essential oils cannot kill the bugs, but it will repel them to breed and settle. With the strong scent of tea tree oil, one can take a benefit of repelling insects.

All you will have to do is to mix one part of tea tree oil with four parts of water and spray to the places where you suspect bugs. Other essential oils that can be used are lavender and eucalyptus. The same procedures can be followed to these oils too.

On the other hand, if you do not have essential oil in your store, you can use readily available vinegar. With its strong smell, it acts as effectively as essential oils.

This method, however, has one drawback, by using these treatments you will not be able to kill the bug eggs.

Vacuum Home With An Extra Eye For Bugs

vacuum home with an extra eye to get rid of bed bugs

Usually, when you tend to vacuum, you will be looking for only the large spaces which are cluttered or filled with dust. It is essential to cover the nook and corners of your home to shove off of bed bug infestation.

You never know, the carpet you walk on a regular basis might have been infested from bugs on the other side!! It is highly recommended that you clean your house at least once in a fortnight thoroughly.

Look Within Wall Shelves

look within wall shelves to get rid of bed bugs

Many of us have built-in wall shelves, wardrobes, and drawers. Do you remember when you wiped the walls of your closet? You often tend to forget to clean it or wipe its surface. You will have to work on this to keep the bugs away.

Just imagine you folded all your clothes neatly and arranged them in your closet without checking for bugs in the corners of your closet inside. How horrible it will be!! You have ignored a prime location which has wood and clothes together!

Empty all your closet, drawers, shelves often and clean them to avoid any infestation.

Mattress Encasements

mattress encasements to get rid of bed bugs

Using encasements to the mattress is highly recommended. It is better to clean your mattress thoroughly, and after checking it well, you can use the encasements.

It will ensure that the bugs do not enter into sheets and breed. The encasements will restrict and suffocate the insects to move and feed, eventually leading them to death.

Using High Steam

using high steam to get rid of bed bugs

Another effective way to get away from these bugs is by using industrial grade steamer. Without mixing any chemical, just regular water steam will help you to kill the bugs.

You can rent the equipment required in home depot stores, and this method can be used on beds, couches, wooden furniture. But, this method can only be used during hot weather as using high steam in cold weather may make the upholstery soggy.

The Sun

keeping infested items under the sun to get rid of bed bugs

Nothing can beat the heat of the sun. It is one of the easiest ways to remove bed bugs. Put the infested items in direct sunlight, and the sun will do his work.

However, there is one drawback to this method. You need to choose a place where the bugs cannot enter your home back.

The place should be a little far and make it hard for bugs to find their route back. The best thing to do if you decide using this method is by combining sun treatment with high steaming. It will work wonders.


Some of the other tips would include checking linen daily, checking your luggage and a thorough check of used items before bringing it to your home.

By checking any item entering your home, you will efficiently prevent bug infestation.

So, in any case, you find the bug infestation, the above methods mentioned here are completely safe with no chemicals used and with 100% effective to kill bed bugs naturally.