It is very natural for any person’s dismay to see bites caused by bed bugs or mosquito on his body. We all want our health in top condition and hate that teeny tiny bite disturbing our health!

You will come across many insects in a day to day life.

bed bug bites vs mosquito bites

There exist specific bugs that will do the work without your knowledge. But, their bites make you worry about the after-effects and the diseases it may spread.

Out of all the regular insects, Mosquitoes and Bed bugs are the ones who create the fear.

Bed bug bites and mosquito bites are the most similar kind and hard to identify. When any one of these two bugs bites a person, they hardly can identify the bump source just by looking at them.

Though the bugs are different and cause different reactions, on a general note, it needs a bit of knowledge to know the source bug.

Treating of the bites will be vaguer if the bug is unknown.

Any treatment you do may help you to reduce further infections due to results of your body reactions to bites. However, if you treat the bite in a wrong way without aware of its source, you may end up contracting other diseases.

If you wake up to a red bump on your body, it may be the result of a bed bug or can also be of a mosquito bite. Knowing how to differentiate bites will help you to a great extent.

Below in this article, we will illustrate how you can know the bug and the cues that they let out when they bite you.

Without any further ado let us get to the details.

Identifying The Bug!

Yes, it may seem vague for a few of you. But, knowing how a mosquito and bed bug appears will help you in identifying the source.

Mosquitoes belong to the flying insect category which lives on the blood of other animals. It is only the female insect that bites to nurture the eggs. Mosquitoes usually are ¼ inch to 3/9 inch in length, and they use their needle-like beaks to suck the blood.

Bed bug belongs to parasitic insect families, and they are of the size of an apple seed and cannot fly. Both male and female bugs feed on blood, and they use their anti collagens to bite and suck the blood.

Bites And The Location

Difference between bed bug bites and mosquitoes bite

The red bumps which were absent the last night, but now, glaring hot red all over the body can let you know about the bug source. Your geographical location also reveals a lot about the bug.

Mosquitoes generally like wet and high-temperature areas. They tend to bite when the body temperature is high.

While there are no temperature restrictions for bed bugs, the only way you can identify them is by checking your bed. If there are bug excreta and blood spots on your bed, then you can be sure the bump you have is from a bed bug.

Bite Appearance

Mosquito bites are usual bumps which is swollen and a little whitish on color. While the bed bug bites are red and have a dark red spot in the middle and can be easily identified.

A mosquito bite can appear anywhere on the body while the bed bugs have to restrict to areas that are exposed during sleep.

A mosquito bite can appear anywhere on the body following no pattern in particular. A bedbug bite will be either in a straight line or in circular clusters.

Reactions Of Bites

symptoms of mosquito bites and bed bug bites

When a mosquito bites you for the first time, you may have red bumps all over. But as time passes and as you get bites often, your body gets immune and shows no reactions. If you are sensitive and allergic, you may have a bump that lasts for a day or 2.

The itching of mosquito bite recedes as the time passes and the number bites increases.

But, when a bed bug bites, the reddish bump may start to itch immediately and can ooze a little amount of clear liquid. The itchiness increases as the bite number increases as opposed to mosquitoes.

Disease Transmission Capabilities

Mosquitoes are very potent when it comes to the transmission of diseases. They can transmit many infections that are deadly and hard to treat.

While the bed bug bite may appear very violent on the first note, the bug itself does not pass on any deadly diseases. However, people with highly sensitive skin may contact allergy and have high itchiness.

Onset Time

When a mosquito bites, the itchiness starts immediately and subsides as the time passes. It is sporadic that a person feels the itchiness even after days.

But a bed bug bite will take days together to start the itchiness. Usually, it will take a couple of days to start. Once started it remains like that for another 2 -3 days and subsides later. In the meantime, if the person is allergic other reactions appear too.


When an insect bites and you have bumps caused all over, it is better to treat the source of insect.

Having a professional help or a complete manual routine keeps you away from bugs when you follow it ritually.

There are many easy ways to help you to get rid of these bugs. On a broader note, keep your space clean and clutter-free all the time. It prevents the majority of the bug infestations.